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Overexcited or Oversharing: The Facebook Debate – Part 1

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How would you characterize your use of Facebook? Are you the type that posts a status update at five-minute intervals? Do you “like” and comment on everything you see? Do you hold heated political debates with your in-laws? Or are you a minimalist, observing everyone else and making posts infrequently? I’m calling this the Facebook debate because let’s face it, we all use Facebook differently.

While those are only just a few of many examples, I would put myself in the last group. I rarely post in my status bar, I seldom put up photos and I comment on things every so often. I’m beginning to see I’m in the minority when it comes to my activity on the social networking site.

No matter who your friend base is, you will always have a few (or several) friends that post countless updates about daily occurrences. Amanda just finished brushing her teeth, while Bob spent his morning knocking out 100 push-ups, 30 pull-ups, 40 air squats and a 1.5-mile run as part of his CrossFit exercise circuit.

In January 2012, I posted a Facebook rant about all the grand things I did during the past few months. I did this to drive home the point that I don’t need to constantly update my status to prove that I’m living life. The response from my friends was half and half. Half of them agreed with the lost art of subtly, while the other half felt I was being bitter and not letting people express their excitement to their friend base.

Granted, no matter how many examples you mention, there are always exceptions to everything. Some people post several updates a day, but they’re sharing news stories or the status of an ill loved one. Then you have some who want to make sure you know how much they spent on their bar tab or how damn good their dinner from their sweetie was.

My question to this audience is where do we draw the line? How do we know if we’re overexcited or if we’re oversharing? Furthermore, why do we post these frequent updates in the first place? What is the rationale?

Pardon me for a second. I’m just going to put my can opener back in place.

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