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Why You Need to Protect Yourself as a Blogger

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If you haven’t heard of Crystal Cox yet, you will.  She has been featured on a number of news outlets like Mashable and Seattle Weekly.  (Check out the story here.)  Here is a rundown of the situation.  Crystal is a blogger, an amazing blogger who does what all good bloggers do, she cites her sources.  What happens when citing your source doesn’t matter?

It’s a scary thought to think that when you do your due diligence and cite your source that you’re basically wasting your time.  We had the opportunity to speak briefly with Crystal and get a few tidbits about what happened in her case.

When we spoke with Crystal, she told us that she had provided the courts with pages of documentation to back up what she had said along with the source of the information.  The court threw it out.  So how can we as bloggers protect ourselves?
Get insurance
Maybe it sounds odd, but Crystal had that recommendation and I will back her up 100%.  When consulting, I’m writing and posting on behalf of companies, I am required to have liability insurance.  Not only to protect myself but the company I am working for as well.  The same should apply to bloggers.Your writing your opinion and facts and putting it out there for everyone to see.  While freedom of speech should apply, the scary truth as you can see from the Crystal’s situation, is that it does not always apply.Crystal will be appealing the courts ruling and hopefully the line between blogger and journalist will become more defined, if there is a line there to begin with.

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